Spine stabilisation programme

The problems generated today relating to the spine are often originated from the so-called harms of civilisation such as computer usage and sedentary life.As a consequence of the imbalance of activity and the passive load emerging during sitting, the muscles responsible for the stabilisation of the spine become lazy and they are unable to fulfil their function.

The muscles responsible for fulfilling other tasks try to take over their role, which become overloaded because of the excess work. The severity of the symptoms generated defines our movement later on. At the start, temporary pains around the spine, muscle tightness and contracture appear on the area affected. The pain can increase under the effect of bad movements and it can become constant, which can be accompanied by the pain radiating into the limbs, torpidity and strange feelings. Then the risk of the serious injury of the vertebral disk already exists, accompanied by the weakness of the muscles supporting the spine. The objective: to reduce the symptoms and to restore the stabilisation of the spine via the strengthening of the muscles that became lazy, by which the operation can be avoided.
To achieve that objective, special exercises are necessary which, if they are learnt, the spine can be cared for. After having learnt the programme, you are recommended to remind the muscles to their task twice a week by doing the exercises. The stabilising muscles that are operating again provide the opportunity to work and be active and do sports every day.