Problems with shoulders

The human shoulders are the most active joints of the body, which are stabilised and moved by a system of muscles. When the arms are moved, the co-ordinated operation of the muscles is indispensable for the realisation of the harmonic and painless movement.
Certain muscles and the components of the shoulder joints are loaded to an increased extent with all problems with the shoulders. As a consequence, pain, then the reduction of movement appear on certain parts of the movement track. The torpidity in the arm is a frequent phenomenon, which is a radiating phenomenon because of the injury in the structures of the spine-part at the neck (mainly a problem with a vertebral disk and the generation of an offshoot on the edge of the vertebra.
90% of shoulder problems arise from the area of the neck!
Objective: to eliminate the symptoms, to develop shoulder-stabilisation, to loosen and strengthen overloaded and weak muscles and to restore the optimal muscle balance. After that the painless status is reached, it will be possible to strengthen the aimed muscle that is necessary for daily work and activity.