Curriculum vitae

Imre Haynal Medical University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Registered Nurse                                 
Graduation: June 1995 as a registered nurse Imre Haynal Medical UniversityFaculty of Health SciencesDepartment of Physiotherapy
Graduation: June 1998 as a physical therapy Semmelweis University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences                                
Graduation: June 2001 as a human kineziologist
Secondary School of Apaczai, Budapest 1983-87
1, two-year surgeon's assistant work  at St.James Hospital, Budapest 1987-88
2, one-year nursing's assistant work at Imre Haynal Medical  University, Budapest 1992
3, one-year nursing work at St.Francis Clinic at Cardiology, Budapest 1996
4, two-year work as a physical therapist's assistant at National Neurology and  Stroke Center, Budapest 1996-97
5, ten-year work as a physical therapist at National Neurology and Stroke Center, Budapest 1998-2007
6, private practice, 2006-
1, Orthopedic Manual Therapy/ by Kaltenborn,neck and shoulder, upper extremity, thoracal and lumbal spine, pelvic and hip, low extremity/
2, Proprioceptive Neuromusculare Facilitation/ I and II/
3, McKenzie A,B,C
4, Mulligan Concept/ I and II/
5, Peripherial Nerve Mobilisation/ by Kaltenborn/
6, Bobath course/basic and advanced/
7, Motor controll and learning
8, Human Kineziology
9, Modern electro- and thermotherapy
10, Modern treatment of scoliosis
11, Taping
12, Use of suspension therapy
13, Spiraldinamics on the ball
14, Autogenous training
15, Academy of Natural Medicine
1, Home Care/orthopedic patients/ 1998-
2, Previously:
          1, headquarter of the Hungarian
              Physical Therapist
          2, main editor of the student newspaper
          3, organized a summer school
              in 1995
          4, vice-president of International
             Physical Therapist
3, Teaching: field work for students 2000-2007
1, Munich /rehabilitation center, four weeks/
2, Coburg /private school and rehabilitation center, four
3, Karlsbad-Langenschteinbach/ rehabilitation center,  four weeks/
4, Phare-Twinning Light Programme/ Danmark: Aarhus,Copenhagen/
5, Dublin/ Ireland, Rehabilitation center/
6, Belfast/ North-Ireland, Rehabilitation center/
7, Orthopedic Manual Therapy Congress/Finnland:Helsinki/
8, Wien/ Austria, Rehabilitation center/
9, World Council of Physiotherapist’s World Congress   /Canada,Vancouver/
1. Prof. Zoltan Nagy, Director of the National Stroke Center, Budapest
2. Andrea Rigo, Instructor of  Orthopedic Manual Therapy